We pleasure and great thank to you for choosing our e-shop for your product seek , we belief that you enjoy with our services and your findable product. Unfortunately is there any issues with product and our services kindly feel free to follow our Re – swipes…

Quick Cancellation

  1. We accept the quick cancellation process within 24 hrs and provide a full refund
  2. If your product step into the ships we can’t able to cancel or hold the services, instead of refuse the delivery kindly collect it and inform to our customer helps as soon as possible.(without opening the parcel)
  3. If you want to cancel the product for any other product issues kindly report quick and follow our customer helper instructions. kindly don’t hold the product more than 24 hrs.
  4. Unexpected product damages or features corrections are report within 24 hrs from the time of your door knock service.
  5. Whatever issues raised after step out for shipped ,please don’t refuse to collect your unneeded product. Once it arrive to you either keep with you or report to our customer helper desk. Because it suppose to damage or lose by the third party shipment services.

Easy Returns

  1. We sincere to accept the significant returning requests.
  2. Our Beloved customer have all the rights to swipe our worth able returns requests within 7 business days, before that kindly affirm that our product in good condition as same as you receive.(self damaged products are can’t able to return)
  3. Affirm with good condition , same packing covers and product details labels with all shipping and product papers.
  4. Please do not contact or send re – ship direct to the manufacturer desk.
  5. Kindly allow us 7 business days from the receipt of your parcel to process your return / exchange


  1. If we make any corrections with size or product features, we take full response to replace the correct one, as same as what you find in our e-shop.
  2. Suppose the customer choose the refund option ,we able to credit your full product cost only
  3. Unfortunately you not get full enjoy with your own product selections, we willing to allow your self exchange swipes to make you satisfy with our services.
  4. Self exchanges are fully charged by customers. ( including product and shipping )

Return and exchange process

  1. To initiate return or exchange process ,kindly email your product order invoice , product pack removing video or product unsealed picture .
  2. Don’t forget to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number.
  3. Once you receive the RMA number ,make sure that you have all original invoice and product labels before you handover the product to the shippers.
  4. After returned your product, kindly send the tracking details to our customer desks and allow us up to 3 business days to complete your re-shipping process.
  5. Once we collect your returned shipment ,we check that product conditions and submission details ,once it approve from our authentication team ,will re-ship the new product with in 3 business days and send a tracking to your submitted communication connection.