The Evolution of DAZZLEAF


As a premier manufacturer of vaporizer products, DAZZLEAF has established its leading position in Cartridges, Disposable pen, 510 Battery, Concentrate and Herb vaporizers devices, producing some of today's top 510 oil pen, Concentrate kit device, herb pen and accessories. Affordability and high-quality is our goal for all vaping industry.

Our Goal

DAZZLEAF's goal is to bring affordability and high quality together in the distiller industry. The actual distiller on the market are very expensive, and a brand new product takes about 6-8 months to complete from conception to development and design, all of which takes a lot of time and labor to complete. achieve a product that works well. The proverb "you get what you pay for" clearly represents the reality of the vaporizer industry. DAZZLEAF wants to use its professional vision and knowledge of this market to make more excellent products and provide consumers with high quality vaporizers such as the Dazzleaf EZii MIMI dab pen Starter Kit, EZii 510 dab Tank and HERBii Pro, at an affordable price that has allowed them to gain a firm foothold in the market and earn a place among the top manufacturers in the industry.

DAZZLEAF is now considered one of the most progressive manufacturers in the e-cigarette industry and we have filed several patents for our e-cigarette technology. As an in-house R&D team, we make will make more products possible and more consumers profitable. This reflects our core values and our DAZZLEAF mission of humble beginnings.

Our Company

DAZZLEAF was founded in 2019 and began producing the Concentrate vaporizers and herb vaporizers that the world really needs. Business along with the rise of 420 culture awareness around the world. We witnessed the battles between cartridges and deceptive studies on scary safety issues, during which, by continuing to investigate the possibilities for safety vaping, we stood more firmly behind what we were and still are doing, to realize the full potential of vaping in bettering your lives with our products.

Where And How DAZZLEAF Started

DAZZLEAF is a company based in HANGZHOU, China. One of DAZZLEAF's main goals is to provide smokers and healthy conscious people with more, better quality options and find more beneficial alternatives. This means providing equal access to all consumers, especially to those who can't afford expensive vaporizers, and giving everyone a way to experience more ways to have fun in addition to inhaling the smoke from burning plant matter and other combustion materials. This is why our products are sold at reasonable prices while still maintaining the quality of other vaporizers at twice or even several times their price. DAZZLEAF's products are aimed at a wide range of individuals; from the medicated patient to the casual consumer. Products are even made for athletes, singers, and filmmakers who use selected botanical blends to help them deal with pain and muscle spasms after or during training, as well as dealing with anxiety in order to stay functional when they need it most. These people love using DAZZLEAF vapes. a great example is the DAZZLEAF EZii MINI DAB PEN STARTER KIT, which can be used with a myriad of essential oils and concentrates that have therapeutic properties.

Hangzhou, a city in China with a long history, a strong cultural accumulation and at the same time one of the most rapidly developing economies, represents DAZZLEAF's competence and strength as a manufacturer. Based in a place of growth and development, a place of craftsmanship, technology and art, DAZZLEAF has all the right tools and materials to manufacture high quality products, from hay vaporizers, drip pens, and oil pens. Coupled with their strong partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry, they have access to the best materials at the lowest prices, allowing them to make vaporizers with some of the best manufacturing mediums the industry has to offer.

Who We Are

At DAZZLEAF, there are knowledgeable leaders who shape our vision, experienced engineers who pursue the best, friendly sales people who work passionately, and all other supporting teams who are full of ideas to add more color, creativity and joy to the work. We love vaping and we love to make quality vape products. We are part of the global 420 community.

What We Value

Safety, innovation and quality come with most importance among all our criteria. From a technical perspective, to keep pace with advanced vape technology is the ultimate way to continuously iterate on safety, innovation and quality. Not only is it the core principle of our research and development team, but it’s also the overarching principle of the whole company. These are not just words, because words are nothing without actions. What really defines DAZZLEAF is its merit that has been recognized by the public, be they our partners or end users.

What Makes People Notice DAZZLEAF

DAZZLEAF has a long history in manufacturing vaporizers, and although the brand was founded in 2019, the factory started in 2013 as an OEM as well as producing atomization equipment for the trade, and we have a strong experience base which gives us the advantage to use the accumulated knowledge to produce world-class equipment. While it is true that price can be one of the most important factors in attracting public attention to their products, it is primarily the design and engineering ingenuity of their products that has won the hearts of consumers around the world. The level of craftsmanship exhibited in the products, as well as the price control, is very amazing, operating with the most basic things, but this is exactly what makes our equipment effective and affordable. We removed all the unnecessary parts and features that would not only hinder the actual user experience, but would make them more expensive vaporizers. the DAZZLEAF vapes are seen by many as a kind of race car for vaporizers. All parts that would bear weight are shaved off to make these devices more efficient and effective.

Each model is designed by DAZZLEAF's talented R&D team, people who work hard to come up with as many updated vape models as possible. This includes coming up with ideas that no other vape company or manufacturer has ever come up with - at least not one that has been officially released as an official product. DAZZLEAF has been relentless in its quest to keep coming up with new devices, and has had great success in doing so. This is why consumers are taking notice of DAZZLEAF vaporizers, and we plan to have new devices coming out every quarter. This has piqued consumers' interest in DAZZLEAF as they have been waiting for newer models to appear. Another reason people are interested in DAZZLEAF is because it makes vaping so easy. Their vaporizers are simple to operate and function without causing so much hassle for consumers to experience the benefits of taking a long time, providing them with a device that they can utilize with just the push of a button. There is no tedious setup, no long and laborious preparation which deters beginners from vaping because beginners find vaping a daunting task. The ability to shorten the lengthy process turns vaping into a fun and rewarding experience. Since then, DAZZLEAF has become the master of making vaping convenient, not only for newcomers, but also for advanced consumers who want to use a straightforward device so they don't have to conquer such a feat. DAZZLEAF knows how to keep up with trends and what battery ways there are to keep their line of devices and vaporizers up to date, rather than having new versions of their earlier models transformed into better looking and more functional devices.

You can easily pick up a DAZZLEAF device and use it like a pro, especially if you have previous experience with vaporizers and vaporizers in general. DAZZLAEF sticks to the concept and design of vapor pens by equipping their devices with only one power button. Having a single means to control the device will provide a seamless experience for the consumer, rather than a vaporizer built with various buttons that would likely confuse a person seeking healing from using plant-based substances and waxy concentrates. By keeping this design, consumers are able to use newer vaporizer models without having to learn a new vaporization method or technique. Arguably the most important part is that because adaptation takes time, sticking with the tried and true method of operating a dry herb pen or wax pen is the best way to go for consumers who need immediate and accurate results. DAZZLEAF also seems to stay true to their roots as they have always been a vape manufacturer, whether it is a vaporizer for dry herbs, a vaporizer for wax concentrates, or a vaporizer for thick oils. Obviously, this design can be seen in all models, as they always resemble vapor pens in some way.